Threaten With cybercriminals Post Photos Stolen From Snapchat

Malicious users have threatened to publish hundreds of thousands of private messages you have robbed users instant messaging application Snapchat. Although at first it was feared that the leaks have been caused by a weakness in Snapchat PC, the company says the problem is in an external application that has no ties to their services.

Snapchat has the peculiarity that allows exchanging photos and videos that are deleted after a set so they are not stored in the recipient’s time devices. But this feature was not enough to protect the privacy of users, who this week received threats of virtual pirates say they have access to over 200,000 messages sent using the program.

It is estimated that half Snapchat users are between 13 and 17 years, so it is feared that filtered images containing nudity of children who trusted in the privacy of their data management.

Snapchat clarified that its servers had not suffered any attacks and that the victims were using external applications to send and receive Snaps, a practice that explicitly forbid our Terms of Use precisely because it compromises the safety of our users, “said the company in official statements. We are always monitoring the App Store and Google Play for any unlawful external application and we managed to eliminate many, “the company said.

It is believed that 4Chan network users have downloaded the images and are organized in a database easier to navigate data. However, there is also the possibility that such filtration ever happened and everything is a joke that attackers publish a database which actually is composed of images that had been stolen from Snapchat in past intrusions.

Where You Can Use iMessage?

What is iMessage?

iMessage, as you know iOS users and other systems from Apple, is the platform of communication (messaging, so to speak) of different Apple systems.

It is not the most widespread platform because there WhatsApp eg Line, which are possibly much more widespread, but has certain advantages.

At the end of the day, being simple and realistic, iMessage is only one thing. Another replacement over the SMS.

In the picture detail, you can see the look “of iMessage on windows, both an iPhone and an iPad. As you can see, it is a considerably intuitive interface.

Why should I use iMessage? Is it really useful to me?

iMessage is a substantial difference from any other competitor, at least in the iPhone. Integrated is 100%.

This has a very simple meaning. If we have activated iMessage and we (in our iPhone) to the Messages application, we can find the following: If the person you will talk has an iPhone too and has iMessage enabled, the phone will change to this system intelligently “and thus, the message sent is free (Depending always obviously our data rate). If the other person does not have this system, the phone will send a plaintext, so we will continue to communicate as usual.

If we think for a moment, this is an ideal behavior because it takes care of thinking and managing (and save, I must say) for us. So if we have a data rate on our iPhone, ideally, is to have this active system.

What are the advantages of iMessage? Where is this?

iMessage, Apple is a proprietary system, and as such, is present in all devices (almost all).

In principle, this system was only available for iOS (the operating system of Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad). But then after the passage of some time, it has extended its use computers with Mac OS X (ie computer as such equipment), and currently, any mobile terminal with iOS 4.0 above (ie all there market) with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.7) above, can have this messaging platform.

What advantages does this system? It has some, this is a reality. The first is obviously the cost, which is free (not counting the cost of Internet connection). If we take the example of WhatsApp, we find that iMessage is present also in Macs, not only in phones. Also, it can be used in the iPad, which is a great advantage. If we start from the other main competitor “has WhatsApp today, ie Line, the advantage is only a priori iPad as Line can be installed on Windows and OSX.

However, we can not forget another substantial advantage even more: The Multi-Messaging “. This advantage is above both (WhatsApp and Line), since it allows the messaging application iMessage open on as many devices as you want at a time. And synchronized.

For this, we will give a practical example: We have three devices, a computer with OS X, iPhone, and iPad. We can start a conversation on your iPhone with another user iMessage. So far so normal, with a detail. What we write our iPhone will appear on other devices, and since we are inside the app reading the responses, such other devices will not ring when receiving new messages from our conversation partner.

Now, for example, we sat on the bus, and took the iPad, for convenience. We can continue our conversation exactly where we left off. and the same will happen, the iPhone will stop while we open app on the iPad.

Finally, when we get home, we’ll have our team with OSX, with all the stored conversation (And if it was off, it will lower the turn), and we can take it up, just keep it there.

¿IMessage has another advantage?

You can tell that this messaging system has another advantage over those discussed above, and security.

SMS is a system of sending plain text “where the text travels unencrypted (something derived from mobile phone systems of the past, which is also not the voice encoding). For this reason, a text message can be intercepted and read, if the person concerned has the necessary means.

iPhone, iPod

To check if we have active iMessage on your iPhone iPod, you just have to make a few simple steps:

In the first instance, and as always we want to make any configuration settings on your terminal:

We entered the application Settings “(Settings, if your terminal is in English).

Within this app, which is what we see in the capture of the left, locate the messages “(Messages, English) option.

Once in the Messages section, we can see that there are several indications.

If iMessage is off, we see a considerably different than the present screen, since only the first option appears and the switch is on the left, as all settings disabled iOS 7 (As you can see in the Send as SMS option ” that appears in the same capture).

If this were the case, it would suffice to enable it taking the selector right, and the terminal itself will take appropriate questions for optimal adjustment of iMessage system. In a couple of minutes, provided that we are connected to the Internet, we can enable this option in our iPhone iPod.


On the iPad, we can see that the steps to take are practically the same as on the iPhone:

In the first instance, and as always we want to make any configuration settings on your terminal, access the application Settings “(Settings, if your terminal is in English).

Within this app, we seek Messages “(Messages, English) option. We will deploy its options on the right.

If iMessage is disabled, like the iPhone, we’ll only option to disabled iMessage.

If this were the case, to enable it suffice to bring the selector right, and the terminal itself will make the appropriate adjustment for optimal system iMessage questions. In a couple of minutes, provided that we are connected to the Internet, we can enable this option.

Max OS X

Last but not least, the settings for Mac OS X.

In this case, the configuration shown is made for OSX Mavs. In OSX Lion, the Messages application was available “as a downloadable application apart during its beta phase, but this is no longer functional, so we will need to have OSX Mountain Lion (10.8) OSX Mavericks (10.9) to enjoy iMessage on our Mac OS X.

In this application we can see that the first option that appears to us is Enable this account “. This is because the messages application can be used for multiple messaging systems, so you can disable some of the accounts temporarily instead of removing them, if we so desire.

If our account does not appear iMessage configured (An account with the first icon we can see in the screenshot). simply click on the + button that is below, and choose the option to add iMessage account.

IMessage common Options

In all configuration screens, we find the following:

- Send Read Receipt: It will send confirmation when we read a message in the terminal, so that the person who wrote we’ll know we’ve read your message.

- Send as SMS (iPhone only): Will send messages by SMS, iMessage is unavailable (if for example, we currently have no Internet), but this person has iMessage.

- Send and receive: We show both / phone / e by which we can contact via iMessage (Multiple addresses may belong to the same account). It will also allow us to adjust from which direction the new talks will begin. As a note, our phone number is also an option even on iPod / iPad / OSX, provided we have said number associated with an iPhone, and this, dispose of our own Apple ID Configured.

- Add new email: We will validate other email address as ours, so that when someone wants to contact us to it through the application of messages from any terminal (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac OS X) identifies as a valid iMessage.

- Show subject field: Allows you to adjust an issue in the messages, as if they were emails.

- Lock: Those contacts to include in this option may not contact us (at least with the data we indicate) for iMessage, as well as other media such as SMS, phone (iPhone case), FaceTime.

For more information on iMessage, you can visit Apple’s website

The Instant Messenger app Kik super A Lot of 100 Million Members

Perhaps many do not remember between Marabunta messaging applications that exist today instruments (WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, WeChat …), but one of the first mobile instant messaging tools launch with BlackBerry Messenger was kik messenger pc, a created app 2010 in which Lanzo first for terminal with BlackBerry OS and really irritated the old RIM to reach 2 million users in just a few months. The Canadian company denounced his fellow Kik, accusing it of patent infringement and create confusion with your BBM software and even a couple of months both companies did not keep the hatchet.

In the midst of war messaging apps, Kik continues to grow. The Canadian startup, today in the presence iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry unofficially, and would have exceeded 100 million registered users and grow at a rate of 250,000 new every day.

Those responsible for the signature attribute their success to the growth in demand for teens because it is not a phone number providing needed to use the application. Many Chavales in the West already have plans have unlimited SMS iPod Touch a spot on a smartphone tablet.

50% of our users are in the Kik With a name using only user, not a phone number. For the mass market this is worse, because it’s complicated but it works where pseudonymic where not want to give the phone, “said the CEO of Kik, Ted Livingstone Cnet The Lads are passing their nicks by silver forms as Instagram, Tumblr Twitter for meeting new people through its instant messaging.

Actual elements Kik Messenger has with many other competing messaging applications have to differentiate its open platform to third-party developers to build their own apps using their tool. These third-party developments are centralized in an area called ‘Cards’, where you can enjoy games, play music, send a location via Foursquare. One of the titles, Costume Party, has 4 million players already.

CAE software for Mac OS X

First things first here is not generally to CAx software and / or suggestions how to make this brings to Mac HARDWARE to run, but programs that are made for the Mac, which means that they run natively on Mac OS X!

And there are quite a few uses it or leave it, but please do not clog up the thread with Windows stuff to!

Also, requests “how do I use a particular program?” do not belong here really pure. This thread is to inform that there CAx software for Mac OS X, no more and no less.

And would anyone know a really good CAx program for Mac OS X, which is here or not yet listed in the linked lists, please post!

Here is the summary (mostly) professional 3D / 2D CAD / CAM / CAE software for Mac OS X Updated on 02.10.2009:

Most programs are very versatile, the classification should therefore be seen only as a rough guide – you have to explicitly deal with every single program to learn about the features and capabilities.

Construction. Product design. Manufacturing (3D / 2D CAD / CAM -. Construction, volume and surface modeling, assemblies, calculations, drawings, visualization)

Manufacturing (CAM – Up to 5-axis machining, NC programming, synchronization, collision control or simple 2 1/2 axis machining)

CAM Express – EN Siemens NX CAM Express is embedded in, and thus now available for Mac OS X – as a stand-alone solution!

Product design. Architecture (3D / 2D CAID (CAID / CAM / CAE) -. NURBS volume and surface modeling, visualization)

Rhino 3D – is being ported to Mac OS X – EN – DE / Rhino3D / / Data Sheets

Amapi Pro – EN – DE / 0403 /

Product Design (3D / 2D CAID – Sketching, NURBS surface modeling, visualization)


Live Interior 3D – EN – DE

Architecture. Construction industry. Urban planning (3D / 2D CAAD – construction, solid modeling, mass and volume calculation, construction plans and visualization)

GIS. Surveying. Power supply (3D CAD + GIS)

Electrical project. Electrical Engineering (Electrical CAD / CAE – electrical and principle schemes, installation plans, circuit diagrams, equipment, Cable and BOMs..)

Other 2D / 3D CAD software for Mac OS X

As often freeware or inexpensive software solutions are sought ..

Cheap CAD software see:. ViaCAD 2D / 3D & PRO V.6 – in 2D this software is characterized by LogiCursor almost by itself.

In addition, there’s still: CADintosh, high design, PowerCADD, TurboCAD Mac Pro MacDraft, RealCADD, QCAD everything for Mac OS X!

Affinity Designer A new vector program for the Mac

Since early October, there Affinity designer, a vector program – lo and behold – was developed specifically for the Mac. Such exclusivity is reminiscent of days gone by in which designers and graphic designers working with Aldus FreeHand, which has also been initially developed exclusively for the Mac platform. I have my program, which is positioned as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, angeschaut.Während continue to work even more closely designers and graphic designers majority of the Mac as a working tool works with Freehand almost no more (see study). The decision to discontinue Freehand, caused in large parts of the creative scene for misunderstanding and justified the mistrust that is the monopolist Adobe met with since then by many creative people, so at least my impression. The exemption from Freehand failed. A real alternative to Adobe Illustrator, which has long been the most powerful vector graphics editor since missing.

The software company Serif, based in the UK Nottingham and active since 1987, sets off now, to shake the virtual monopoly from Adobe. Affinity Designer (hereafter simply called “AD) is the first in a suite at the later Affinity Photo – (image processing) and Affinity Publisher (layout) should count. While AD has been released, the introduction of the other two programs is planned for 2015..

In the App Store AD was in many countries, including Germany, the US, Canada, France and the Netherlands, even 10 days after the publication of the best-selling software. The predicate “Editors’ Choice likely to have inspired this sales success. The private forum daily walk to numerous questions about the product, which also has great interest in AD. Even more popular currently applies the thread with feature enhancement requests, which in turn is not necessarily a good sign. This impression is confirmed when working with AD. More of that anon.

Basically makes AD for a 1.0 version a good figure. The program is stable and relatively fast. The tidy interface meets the high expectations that builds on a software that addresses “high-end creatives. In conjunction with the “trappings of product website, support and branding can Affinity designers already convinced at this early stage, albeit with restrictions. With € 44.99 AD is currently available in English on the App Store. A Mac with Mac OS 10.7 at least is required. Here is the detail information about the system requirements.

Those who work with Adobe products, does not take long to get along well with AD, thanks a similar tool and control element symbology. Former are in AD, unlike Illustrator, colored and somewhat playful. Transparencies can be, for example, set up by means of a champagne glass icon. Overall, however, a familiar environment.

AD knows the time only one drawing area – more can not create the moment. I still sound the discussions in the ears as illustrator of his time with the same deficit was launched. For some reason this was, not even to switch from FreeHand to Illustrator. To that extent should a “no-go equal in a one page document for many creative work. If Serif with AD wants to be successful in the long term, it should quickly upgrade this functionality, best in the very first update.

Effects are usually based on different representations of curves (Shadow, Silhouette, plasticity) .Kunst-, painting or drawing filter, as known from Illustrator, there are none. Although a set of different brushes available, the possibilities to create your own, custom brushes, however, are limited. Libraries from which you can choose not to are available at this time. Anyone who has ever worked with FreeHand, which will be very familiar “Paste Inside. This feature is also available in an AD object, such as a photo, paste it into another form, which thus acts as a mask.

At the functionality of Illustrator Affinity designer does not come close to some extent. Standard features such as the orientation of objects and text paths are not currently available. Similarly, objects can not be, as it was known from earlier Illustrator and FreeHand, converge. The “feature roadmap, it is long. And so it is likely to take one or the other release level until a promising vector program is a powerful product.